Putting Together Successful Kansas Deer Hunts – Tip Number one Scent Control

Tallgrass Lodge – This Kansas deer hunting article describes one of the most important keys to putting together successful Kansas Deer Hunts, specifically Kansas archery hunts or Bow Hunts, and that key is scent control.

There are literally a hundred factors that can affect the success of you’re Kansas Deer Hunts. I will cover most of them in other articles but I am often asked “what is the number one mistake I see Whitetail Deer hunters make when they are hunting at my lodge on Kansas Deer Hunts”, and the answer is twofold. Number one you can’t shoot a deer from the lodge, you have to be in the field, and two is SCENT CONTROL. The fix for the fist mistake is obvious; get your butt in the stand man! So in this article we will cover scent control.If you are looking to put together a successful Kansas deer hunt and take a mature whitetail, remember one very important thing, you are in his house. This analogy may be helpful. Do you think you would notice if someone wearing perfume, smelling of smoke, or human sweat had rummaged through your home, put up a new painting, turned over your rugs, and did a jig across your bed? Sure you would even hours or days later when you returned home from work or that well disserved Kansas Deer Hunt! Whitetail Deer are no different, and the older they get, the smarter and more wary they get so you have to take action!

The animal you are pursuing has three basic lines of defense. The first is sight. Whitetail Deer have marginal to good eyesight during daylight hours but they are very good at picking up movement. After eight hours of sitting we have all been busted by that unseen doe that saw us adjust ourselves ever so slightly in a vain attempt to find a slightly more comfortable position in that damn stand. I am also sure that some of you have been busted by mature whitetails that have noticed that painting of a hunter that someone impolitely hung on their favorite tree. Completely without any provocation at all they will just stop turn and look right at you. Why? Because they have walked through their living room enough times to notice something is different, and they know they didn’t put it there.

The second line of defense is a more powerful one, and that is their sense of hearing. We have all watched our trophy Whitetail buck stand there for as much as thirty minutes with his ears turning this way and that, both slightly out of range and behind a tree of course. Usually the other tree you thought about hanging that stand in. How many times have you sat and watched deer when all of a sudden the deer’s head shoots up and his ears turn to listen to a sound you did not here. He is listening to his surroundings; he knows what is supposed to be there and what is not. He knows every sound of those woods and he knows when something is amiss.

The third and most powerful tool that a mature whitetail buck has at his disposal is his sense of smell. If you take no action to hide your scent he will know when you are there, or when you walked through hours or even days before. That is unless you have taken the time to eliminate every molecule of human scent possible. Notice I said every molecule of human scent possible. Make no mistake there is no way to completely eliminate the human scent. But you can however eliminate scent to a level that will allow you to go completely undetected.

This is how I do it, and it works. I have had mature 160 class bucks walk right up behind me, down the same trail I walked in, from dead down wind and not even balk. First, eliminate all unnecessary chemicals and perfumes from every product you use, and keep it that way. Stay away from perfumes and colognes, however if you must use them use the scent free versions. Now while the anti’s ponder that last statement, the rest of us can move on. Use scent free soap, shampoo, deodorant and laundry detergent and do it now. These days you can buy scent free products from quite a few manufacturers over the counter, year round, and quite inexpensively. Don’t wait for hunting season to start your scent free regimen; it takes a while to eliminate perfumes from your skin, and especially your hair. Stay scent free year round, and I mean this. I went completely scent free five years ago. I have noticed that every time I am allowed to go out into public I can’t stand being around people that have covered themselves with perfumes, colognes, or even fabric softeners. Now I find those smells offensive and leave the area as soon as possible, sorry honey! Imagine how that deer feels, his sense of smell is a thousand times more powerful than mine. Once the hunting season does arrive keep your freshly washed clothes in a scent free bag. You can buy the scent free bags that are made specifically for this purpose or you can purchase the oversized zip bags that are now on the market, they both work well.

One final note on the topic of scent elimination that is very important. I have had people argue with me up and down about this one, but this topic is called scent elimination for a reason. You have to trust me I have seen this issue cause failure time and time again on Kansas Deer Hunts at my lodge. Do not use cover scents! Remember, you are in his home, any smell, supposedly natural or not will give you away. You might as well be yelling “HEY, here I am”. I have taken hunters afield countless times smelling whatever “Earth Scent” cover scent they have on thinking to myself; “man that smells like a really bad cologne. I wonder what the deer will think of it”. In fact the fist time I smelled a hunter wearing it I honestly thought that’s what is was. I assumed that he had tried to wash off his cologne in the shower that morning and failed miserably. In every case those hunters inevitably see fewer deer than their hunting partners. I have traveled all over the country working as a wildlife biologist. I have had my hands in many different kinds of soil and due to the differences in there chemical and component make up they all smell different. What might be a natural soil scent in your part of the country smells completely out of place in Kansas. Also keep in mind that the only time you will ever smell soil that strongly is when it has been violently disturbed, which is unusual for that time of year, and usually for your location as well. That will trigger a negative response from a mature whitetail every time. If you will go the extra mile to manage your scent control there is no need for a cover scent. Every single successful Whitetail hunter in my lodge has had two things in common, they spent all day in the stand, and they had a very good scent control regimen. Remember that in this case “it is better to never have smelled at all, than to have smelled and lost!”

Tallgrass Lodge – This Kansas deer hunting article describes one of the most important keys to putting together successful Kansas Deer Hunts, specifically Kansas Bow Hunts, and that key is scent control.

Fact Sheet for Kansas Deer Hunts at Tallgrass Lodge – Rifle Hunts

This Kansas deer hunting article is a fact sheet that covers commonly asked questions about Kansas Deer Hunts, Kansas guided deer hunts, Kansas Whitetail deer hunts, and Kansas Whitetail Rifle hunts at Tallgrass Lodge.

Commonly Asked Questions regarding Kansas Whitetail Deer Rifle Hunts at Tallgrass Lodge:

When do we arrive at the lodge for our Kansas Deer Hunts and when will we depart?  Please arrive at the lodge between 3:00 and 5:00 pm the day before your hunt.  Dinner is served at 6:00 pm.  That will give us time to meet you, inspect your equipment, and let you get settled in before dinner.  You will depart after breakfast the morning after your last day of of your Kansas deer hunt.

When do we need to pay the balance due for our Kansas Deer Hunts?  The remainder of your package cost is due by September 1st of the same year as your scheduled hunt.

What kind of deer stands will we hunt from?  Rifle hunters will be hunting from enclosed tower, ladder, tripod, and hang on stands.  Our stands are set up between 10 and 20 feet off the ground.  Ground blinds can be arranged.  Please let us know about any special requests or needs prior to your arrival.

What is the average score of your mature Kansas Trophy Whitetails?  Our average mature buck will score 140 inches at 4.5 to 5.5 years old.  Every season is different and is driven by the weather but you can count on seeing bucks anywhere from 130 to 160 inches.  The largest deer seen on our properties will score well over 200 inches. The largest deer harvested scored 206 6/8. 

Do you charge a trophy fee for your Kansas Deer Hunts?  No.  You are allowed to take any animal you choose.  We do however practice Quality Deer Management on our properties and we therefore require that the bucks taken score a minimum of 130 inches. A fine will be assessed for harvesting a buck less the 130 inches.

How many Kansas Deer Hunters do you take in a season? We keep the total number of Kansas deer hunts on our properties very low. I will only sell twenty Kansas deer hunts a year. I will typically book ten bow hunters and ten rifle hunters a year.

How many Kansas Deer Hunters will you have in camp at one time? I will never have more than six hunters in camp at one time. If you book a group of four or more hunters, you will have the lodge, all of our properties and deer stands to yourselves.

Are your Kansas Deer Hunts fully guided?  No.  We hunt two on one so our hunts are semi-guided. However by request our guides will stay with you to help make sure proper harvest decisions are made if necessary.

Do we have to come back to the lodge for lunch, or can we hunt all day?  The choice is yours.  We can pack you a sack lunch for an all day hunt if you want, or your guide can pick you up and bring you back to the lodge for lunch.

Do you process the deer?  No.  We field dress the deer only.  I have a taxidermist and retired butcher that guide for the lodge.  They would be happy to cape and process your trophy for an additional fee.  I can also make arrangements to process your deer at one of our local lockers if you wish.

What kind of habitat will I hunt?  Our stands are set up in heavy timber, over food plots, on heavily used trails between feeding and bedding areas, and on saddles overlooking deep woody draws.

What type of shot can I expect?  You can expect to have a shot between 10 and 600 yards.

Special Notes

All firearms big game hunters and persons assisting them must wear blaze orange.  A minimum of 200 square inches, 100 on the back and 100 on the front must be visible.  All hunters must wear a blaze orange hat.

We promote a scent free environment to keep our deer disturbance to a minimum. Please feel free to bring your scent free products. If you forget something, we can probably accommodate you.

Important:  Anyone born on or after July 1, 1957 must have completed a certified hunter safety course.  Kansas does recognize certified safety courses from all states.  Please see regulations for further information.

This Kansas deer hunting article is a fact sheet that covers commonly asked questions of Kansas Deer Hunts, Kansas guided deer hunts, Kansas Whitetail hunts, and Kansas Whitetail Rifle hunts at Tallgrass Lodge.

Turkey Hunting in Kansas

What to expect from Kansas Turkey Hunting Guides and Outfitters

This article describes what to expect from Kansas Turkey Hunting Outfitters, on typical Kansas turkey hunts, that are fully guided turkey hunts.

For the sake of this article let’s assume you are looking for full service Kansas fully guided turkey hunts like the Kansas turkey hunts we provide. Full service Kansas Turkey Hunts should include professional guides, plenty of food to meet your needs, and comfortable accommodations. Everything is supplied for you; all you have to do is show up with your licenses, permits, and hunting gear and pull the trigger. Some Kansas turkey hunting outfitters like Tallgrass Lodge will be more than happy to purchase your permits for you; all you have to do is ask.

You have spent many hours researching Kansas Turkey Hunting Outfitters, you have chosen your outfitter and are now ready to go on your Kansas Turkey hunt, what can you expect. If you have done your research correctly you should already know what to expect from your outfitter because you have asked all of the right questions. If not here are some general guidelines on what to expect for typical Kansas Guided Turkey Hunts.

Reputable Turkey Hunting Outfitters will deliver exactly what they advertise. Fully guided turkey hunts that are just what they say they are. Your guide should be professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and should not mind spending the time with you that is necessary to insure your needs are met, both in and out of the field.  If for any reason you are not comfortable with your guide by all means discuss your concerns with the Lodge owner or manager. Make no mistake the lodge owner or manager has one goal in mind and that is to make sure you are satisfied with the services provided.  They are there to please and should address your concerns promptly.

The one thing you can expect from a turkey hunting outfitter is great food. Food is one of the few things an outfitter can control. Your outfitter should go the extra mile to make sure all guests are well fed. A really good outfitter will even tailor the menu to meet your needs. So don’t be afraid to let your outfitter know any special needs you may have.

Another aspect of Kansas turkey hunts an outfitter can control is the condition and quality of the lodging. You should be comfortable in your accommodations. Lodging should be safe, clean and well cared for. It is the responsibility of the outfitter to make sure guests are comfortable and all needs are met. Once again communication is the key to a great Kansas turkey hunt. Always feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with your outfitter. We can only get better at what we do with input from our most valuable asset, our guests.

Dove Hunts

Introducing New Managing Partner

Please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself and invite you to hunt with us at Tallgrass Lodge. My name Lee K. Durham, the new managing partner for Tallgrass Lodge, your premier Kansas hunting venue.  I want to thank Kirk Cherry for his hard work as managing partner over the past eight years, he is taking a well deserved break and I am sure we all wish him well.  Kirk is still a partner and may make guest appearances at Tallgrass to cook (everyone who has hunted here before will like that idea!). Kirk and I began Tallgrass eight years ago with a vision of providing the best hunting and outdoor adventure in Kansas at a reasonable price.  It is my great pleasure to have assumed the leadership of Tallgrass, I consider myself fortunate to have been given this opportunity to continue Tallgrass’ fine reputation for quality hunts, exceptional services, and friendly staff.

This transition offers new and exciting challenges, all of which I am looking forward to. Prior to assuming the leadership of Tallgrass I served 30 years as a Special Forces and Infantry Officer culminating in commanding an Infantry Brigade in Afghanistan.  After retirement from the US Army I was with the University of North Georgia Language Flagship Program in the Office of Executive Affairs.  Now I look forward to getting back to my first love, the great outdoors and hunting.

Tallgrass has some of the finest people working for one goal, to provide you with the best hunting experience, including fine accommodations, quality wildlife, and exceptional food.  We made a few changes over this off season including acquiring an 1880s limestone lodge house, building a new sight-in range, a new and improved dog kennel, improving and adding additional stands, and acquiring new hunting ground to supplement land we have hunted for years.

Tallgrass Lodge is located in the rolling Flint Hills of Geary and Dickenson counties in north central Kansas, within easy driving distance of Kansas City, Topeka, Wichita, and Lawrence. Tallgrass Lodge can accommodate 10 hunters at any one time including private and semi private bedroom and bath facilities. Tallgrass Lodge offers white tail and upland game bird hunting, as well as the ability to take advantage of the regions premier fishing lakes including Lakes Milford, Tuttle Creek, and Geary County State Lake. Within the hunting community, a majority of business is generated by word of mouth, therefore our reputation for quality service are key to our continued success.

Please take a few minutes to look at our web site at www.tallgrasslodge.com and then give me a call. I will do whatever I can to make sure you get the information you need in order to make a sound hunting choice.

Thanks for visiting our website. Happy hunting and good luck wherever you decide to hunt.

Best Regards,